LMS Integration

Gain new insights from shared data

We provide innovative xAPI solutions on top of your existing learning architecture. Not only can course-related events from the LMS be exported to xAPI, but most core LMS-based events an also be converted into xAPI statements in real-time.

It’s well known throughout the elearning industry that the Moodle LMS is the most widely used open-source learning systems in the world. The Moodle LMS Logstore plug-in produces a wealth of data useful for learning analytics. The data is generated not just as a result of course activity, but as a result of activities within the LMS such as the learner’s enrollments, interactions with other learners, forum discussions, and teacher/instructor interactions and assignments.

Organizations desire the ability generate reports and analyze this type of LMS activity data in order to optimize the effectiveness of their LMS, courses, and identify opportunities for learner intervention. With Veracity at your disposal, you can generate reports, automate, and visualize data with a variety of dashboards to take your LMS to the next level.

Moodle Integration

Enhance your Moodle LMS with new LRS capabilities and insights:

Track LMS Events

Automating Moodle LMS logstore event tracking with the Experience API (xAPI)

Share LMS Data

Making your LMS data available for reporting outside of the LMS

LMS Analytics

Building meaningful learning analytics and dashboard visualizations from LMS data

Improve LMS ROI

Providing insights for optimizing learning and interactions that occur in the LMS