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E-Learning interoperability made simple

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is internationally known as the de facto standard for how online courses store learning information in a Learning Management System (LMS). SCORM solves problems related to course interoperability and is still widely adopted around the world. We have extensive experience in integrating SCORM content with several LMSs and learning environments. We were also key contributors to the SCORM Specification while working for ADL. We can help whether your organization is starting from the ground up with a new eLearning content or if you simply need support in integrating SCORM in your current LMS. Contact us to discuss your SCORM challenges or needs. Some of our consultation options are listed below.

Troubleshooting & Mediation

Whether you require LMS mediation or simply need help resolving a complex content problem, we can help.

Implementation Support

Don't know how to implement SCORM or under a short deadline? We're experts at Content Packaging, Metadata, Run-time Environment, and Sequencing & Navigation.

Conformance Testing

Let us help you pass all content or LMS conformance tests so you can focus on deploying your content to learners.

Content Analysis

Consultation on your current or past instructional design process or content development strategy to support SCORM.


Need to implement SCORM and xAPI? There's a profile for that! And we created it. We can modernize your content to support both SCORM and xAPI.

LMS Evaluation

Need help selecting an LMS and evaluating it for specific capabilities or requirements? We've got you covered.

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