Version 1.2.39 Released

Version 1.2.39 Released

Version 1.2.39 is now deployed on, and available for enterprise customers. The 1.2.39 release includes a variety of small quality and reliability enhancements, plus some minor feature updates.

Much of the current work involves tweeks to the major feature updates from 1.2.9.

The user facing changes are mostly in the statement viewer, and include:

  • Better display of the "Score"
  • Much more robust display of the full statement JSON.
  • Improved support for full-text mode
  • Click to clear icons for column filters
  • Better debounce of typing in the filter boxes - you should be able to type normally, even when the query takes several seconds to complete
  • Better display of the page count when the number of search results cannot be determined.
  • Properly remove the and from the statement display.

Other user facing changes:

  • Mark several fields in the GUI to disable browser autocomplete
  • Trim several input fields
  • Add more copy/paste icons in upstreams and access keys

As usual, please let us know if you have questions, comments or issues with the new release! This is a minor update, and onsite installs should require no upgrade steps.