Custom Dashboards in Veracity Learning

Custom Dashboards in Veracity Learning

Need to display custom dashboards in Veracity Learning? We just published a new tutorial!

In March we announced new documentation and tutorials for Veracity Learning. While our documentation is pretty extensive, we’ll continue to add more video tutorials to our YouTube Channel for Veracity Learning users.

Veracity Learning: LRS Custom Dashboards

Watch the tutorial below and join Veracity Learning’s lead architect, Rob Chadwick, as he covers more advanced features such as how to create custom dashboards and adding or configuring widgets to meet your requirements. This video tutorial also covers the following:

  • Adding and configuring widgets
  • Creating custom dashboards and layouts for positining your widgets
  • Widget plug-ins and upcoming capabilities in Veracity Learning

Future tutorials will cover how to write your own aggregation queries within Veracity Learning for even more powerful xAPI analytics.

As usual, please reach out if you have questions, comments, or require support.